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Welcome to the home of bestselling Australian crime mystery author Melissa Pouliot. The talented author of page-turning crime  mysteries translates her passion and personal missing persons tragedy into fiction novels where every story has a story.

"The case is cold. All hope is lost. Suddenly, the future collides with the past."

In the dead of night, teenage runaway Annabelle Brown vanishes in the rugged Blue Mountains west of Sydney in a shroud of mystery and intrigue. Twenty-seven years later, with no body, no clues and no leads, the case remains unsolved.

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In 2013 Melissa Pouliot released her debut bestselling fiction novel, Write About Me, inspired by the disappearance of her first cousin Ursula Barwick. Her Detective Rhiannon McVee Crime Mystery Series, which so far includes FIND ME, When You Find Me and You'll Never Find Me, has people around the world transfixed on what's going to happen next. 
Her novels are all endorsed by the Australian Federal Police National Missing Persons Coordination Centre. 
Melissa’s writing follows the path of her real life, as she continues her search for answers about what happened to Ursula when she boarded a train for nowhere in spring, 1987. Kings Cross Detectives are taking a fresh look at Ursula’s case as a result of Melissa's books, and every day is a day closer to discovering the truth.
"When we do, I will write my most treasured novel."
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  • KIND WORDS for Write About Me

    Wow… I couldn't put this book down
    - Fleur Ferris, Australian YA author

  • KIND WORDS for Write About Me

    An excellent read…with global implications - Chris Gould, Child-Safe International & Travel Safe founder, retired UK Detective Chief Superintendent


    A fast paced, enthralling novel which will consume you from the first page - Natasha Gilmour, Author of BEING, JOY


    Love, love, loved it. Read it in one day, I couldn't put it down. A mixture of mystery, romance and crime, set in the 80s. The sections in the Australian outback were my favourite. Can't wait to see what happens next - Deborah Hawkins, US author of DARK MOON

  • KIND WORDS for When You Find Me

    The characters grow and develop naturally as if they could actually be real people in the real world - Melissa Fogarty, MJ Editing

  • KIND WORDS for When You Find Me

    Love the Australian setting! Just wish I could keep reading.... Don't stop writing. I have been in another world this afternoon. A nice much needed break from my usual life - Carolyn Jourdan, New York Times bestselling author

  • KIND WORDS for When You Find Me

    The characters were fully developed and alive and their stories real. If left me championing for them. But as in real life there were multiple outcomes. I will think of these folks and wonder about them like real life - Shirley Townsend, Goodreads

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